Businesses advised to embrace convergence of exhibitions and large-scale events

Businesses have been urged to embrace the convergence of large-scale events (LSEs) and exhibitions.   

Piers Bearne, co-founder of Global Financial Conferences, has claimed had this convergence remains new but is inevitable and should therefore be welcomed by the conference industry.

In an interview with, he explained how most exhibitions now feature curated content whilst a small proportion of events were beginning to include components of an exhibition. 

He said: “In the exhibition world, almost all shows now have content, but I’d say that no more than a quarter have quality content and meaningful conferences at their core, so this convergence is still very new.” 

This trend has been described as a major threat to the conference industry. Yet, Bearne, who has more than 18 years of experience working in the sector, claimed it was best for conference businesses to roll with the punches. 

“Those who artificially stop their LSEs from evolving into the new model will remain in the ‘boom and bust’ cycle, and ultimately be outcompeted by exhibition, digital and media companies,” he explained. reports that Bearne will discuss this topic in much more depth at the Global Conference Network Conference Summit in London on December 6.