Businesses can build off success of 2012, claims British hospitality chief

British hospitality businesses should be encouraged by the successes of last year and focus on building off the momentum.

This is according to British Hospitality chief executive Ufi Ibrahim, who fully expects companies to see events like London’s hosting of the Olympic Games paying off for them in 2013.

Mr Ibrahim acknowledged that not all had welcomed gains straight after the Olympics, though stressed it wasn’t too late for businesses to capitalise on its boost to British hospitality.

“While not all in the hospitality and tourism-related sectors saw a short-term gain, there’s an opportunity to reap rewards in the medium-term and there are plenty of reasons to feel that confidence for the year ahead and prospects are encouragingly positive,” he told

One of the reasons event venues, restaurants and pubs might look to the future with optimism could be for their commitment to the economy. Research from the Office of National Statistics shows the British hospitality industry creating a third of all new jobs in the UK over 2012.

“At a time when the economy continues to be constrained, hospitality and tourism is planning for growth – pledging to create thousands of jobs over the next three years as part of the Big Hospitality Conversation for jobs campaign,” said Mr Ibrahim.

This scheme aims to tackle youth unemployment through the creation of work placements, new job opportunities and by holding meetings with businesses so they can realise what difference their involvement can do for the economy,