Businesses urged to throw Christmas party for employees

Company bosses have been urged to throw Christmas parties for their staff this month by a business expert.

Leisa Docherty, who is a people service director at Sage UK, has stated that although Christmas parties can be expensive for small businesses, they can often deliver a massive boost to staff morale.

This increased morale can often make a world of difference when it comes to staff productivity to the point where many bosses find Christmas parties to be a worthwhile investment.

In an interview with Fresh Business Thinking, Docherty said: “With staff under increased pressure, taking the time to celebrate the successes of the year is invaluable. Companies planning to not party as a team this festive season should try and reconsider. Even low key events are invaluable for boosting staff morale.

“Here at Sage, we will be holding Christmas parties across all of our main offices, as it gives us another way to thank our people for their hard work and celebrate the successes we have collectively achieved.”

Her words might encourage some bosses to throw a surprise Christmas party at the last minute, with the aim of boosting productivity going into the new year.

She was speaking shortly after a new survey revealed that around 40 per cent of businesses won’t be splashing out on a festive bash this year.

According to, the majority of business owners not throwing a party claimed it was only because they were aiming to cut back on spending.