BVEP chair urges events link-up with GREAT campaign

Britain’s events industry will stand a better chance of gaining credit for its vital contribution to the UK economy by pledging its support for the government’s £145 million GREAT marketing campaign.

That’s according to Michael Hirst, chairman of the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP), who says the opportunity for events businesses to build on London’s successful hosting of the 2012 Olympic Games is one that must be seized.

Talking to, Mr Hirst claimed that by joining the government in attempting to raise the profile of Britain’s economic and natural assets, the events industry can gain crucial recognition for its efforts.

“By integrating itself with the GREAT campaign, the events industry can demonstrate how it supports Britain’s industries, as well as the lifestyle activities of its communities,” he commented.

Mr Hirst believes events form an “intrinsic” part of the government’s claim that Britain is a perfect place to do business, as they “provide the platform” for the nation to showcase itself on a global scale.

According to, a recent report from the BVEP highlights that events currently generate £39.1 billion per year in terms of spend from visitors and Mr Hirst says there has never been a better time to highlight this contribution.

“Now is the time to build on the successes and experiences of 2012, by fully recognising the contribution business and leisure events make to the vitality of the country’s economy and their positive effect on local communities and people’s lifestyles.”