BVEP manifesto appeals for support from politicians

The Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) is calling on the government to support the events industry and help ‘make Britain the natural destination choice for all sectors of the event industry.’

The BVEP’s events manifesto which was recently sent to 350 MP’s, has appealed to the government to support the events and meetings industry through investment, business incentives and tax changes. The manifesto, is to be presented again at the House of Commons in October, during National Meetings Week.

The document features 10 reasons why the events and meeting industry is imperative to the UK’s economy. Key points included in the manifesto ask the government for greater recognition of the events industry’s contribution to tourism, trade and cultural enterprise and for the government’s help in attracting more events to Britain.

BVEP chairman Michael Hirst said to online meeting portal Meetpie: “We sent it out on Friday and we have had feedback already. The launch of this manifesto is one of the most significant events for our industry and begins the process of ensuring this vital sector achieves the voice it so critically needs.”

With government cuts already threatening the public sector, Hirst acknowledged that it might be quite difficult to get the support from local authorities.

Hirst continued, saying: “The beauty of this document is that there are very few requests for money, we are asking for recognition of our industry, support for bids and for local authorities to take events seriously.”

The BVEP have already requested meetings with Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Culture and Media, John Penrose the Minister for Tourism and Ed Vaizey the new Minister for Culture and Creative Industries, to discuss the manifesto.