Calls for government to acknowledge contributions of hospitality industry

Michael Hirst, from the marketing organisation Britain for Events, is calling on government to recognise the efforts of event venues and the hospitality industry during the London 2012 Olympic Games. reports that the calls come following news that Britain’s GDP (gross domestic product) has grown by one per cent; an achievement that many have linked directly to the contributions of the hospitality industry during the Olympics.

Britain for Events believes that the industry, which is worth £36 billion to the UK economy, will grow by a further £500 million as a result of the Games.

Hirst is now asking that government further support Britain’s live events industry, by bringing more events to areas the UK, or supporting the nation’s hotels, restaurants and transportation organisations by other means.

“Everyday the UK bids to bring major events to the UK, be they sporting competitions, cultural and live events, or business exhibitions or conferences. Each one of these brings in tourists, businesses, and spend to the economy; but we need help to win them,” Hirst said, according to

“The summer saw the benefit of the Games in bringing people into the UK who invested in our hotels, restaurants, and transport. However, the added benefits of increased commercial spend and activity underline the power of events in stimulating business”.

Mr Hirst, who is also chair of the Business Visits & Events Partnership (BVEP) added that the industry is most likely to continue the Olympic boon by picking up where the £11 billion worth of infrastructure was left off, giving more reason for government to help the industry.