Capital Christmas parties on the rise

London continues to be one of the most popular locations for a work Christmas party, reports

Eventa, an organisation specialising in sourcing and promoting Christmas parties for groups based across the UK, is experiencing a high demand for themed Christmas parties in the capital.

In addition, large and small events are proving to be popular as a Christmas party. London remains the top destination but other event venues around the country are open and available for Christmas bookings according to Nigel Hewison, a party booking expert.

“There’s a lot more business out there this year and a lot of activity,” he told “But there are still some venues with no bookings. It’s more to do with how the company does its marketing. It’s the more exciting parties and imaginative themes which are capturing the imagination.”

Eventa claim that music-based Christmas parties are in demand for 2011. Their Facebook and Twitter pages have been overwhelmed by workers suggesting that music-themed parties will go down a treat in their workplace.

Managing Director of Eventa Rob Hill explains: “We’ve had people suggesting Christmas party idea via our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Music seems to be a recurring popular theme this year so we’ve made sure to include plenty of live music and themed discos into value Christmas parties in London.”