Carol Vorderman plans 50 birthday parties

Former Countdown star and television presenter Carol Vorderman is set to celebrate her impending birthday with a series of 50 parties.

Unsurprisingly, given the amount of events to be held in her honour, Miss Vorderman is to turn 50 on Christmas Eve. Planning to hold functions over 2011, the celebrity hopes to celebrate her special birthday with all her friends and family across the country.

As yet, the details of each party have not been released but it is expected that Miss Vorderman will book a plethora of party venues. London event spaces are likely to play host to her parties, as well as venues near the presenter’s home in North Somerset.

Speaking of her extravagant plans to The Daily Mail, Miss Vorderman, who has recently written her autobiography, said: ”I thought I’d have 50 parties for 50 years – some of them might only be two of us meeting for supper, but having done the book you think ‘Oh I’d really like to see that person or that friend again’.”

”Some of them would be big parties, like all the people that used to work on Countdown might be one party.”

The presenter left Countdown in 2008, after more than 25 years on the show and is now pursuing a maths internet scheme aimed at children, as well as other television and publishing projects.