Cash free events to be launched

From next summer a number of events held in the UK could become cash free, according to The BBC.

The news service claims that payments at a number of venues such as The Porter Tun, King George III, Sugar Rooms, Queen Charlotte room, Smeaton Vaults and James Watt room could be made via a wristband that is also the event ticket, which will have to be pre-loaded with money.

The article reveals that trials have been taking place over the past two years. According to The Independent, major music festivals are planning to go cash free next year, but no event promoter would confirm to The BBC that next year’s events will be completely cash free.

According to Management Today, a festival in Norway was run completely cash free and was a success. “It was straightforward,” the organiser told The BBC. “There was no opposition at all.”

This technology could prove particularly useful to event organisers who will be able to track the behaviour of attendees and use the data to target marketing messages.

However, Management Today pointed out that it could be hard to persuade all retailers to go cash free at such events. Massive music festivals present a serious challenge if vendors need to operate computers to process payments. It would eliminate independent retailers who stroll around the site selling their own produce.

One festival fan told The BBC she would adopt the technology if it could be proved that it was secure. Another said she would worry her spending would get out of control, but agreed that it’s better than carrying cash.

If the technology takes off and proves to be a success, it could be rolled out to an event near you.