Caterers urged to take steps to mitigate the effects of food inflation costs

Caterers and other food operators are being warned that increases in food inflation may impact their businesses unless action is taken to optimise supply chains, reports.

Predictions provided by food service and hospitality consultancy, Prestige Purchasing, have revealed that several foods that will be impacted by inflation increases in September. As such, it is calling for operators to find ‘smart’ ways to adapt or face detrimental financial effects.

The report highlighted butter, salmon and olive oil as three of the consumables that are likely to grow in price, due to both environmental and political reasons. According to, eggs have also taken a beating, with medium eggs increasing in price by 14.3 per cent.

In order that operators can keep their costs stable and continue to provide various function venues with good food, the consultancy recommends keeping menus simple and streamlining kitchen processes. It also suggested using large-sized eggs rather than medium and utilising benchmarking tools to make improvements across ‘the whole value chain’.

Speaking about the trends, Prestige Purchasing chief executive, David Read said: “Just as this issue will affect households, the same impact will be felt by the catering and hospitality trade.

“This may well lead to a further significant spike in food inflation, which as we predicted has continued to rise in 2013 and will do beyond.”