Celebs not a large factor in event success

Clients are more interested in food quality and venue space than celebrity guests when it comes to booking function venues, according to a report cited in Event Magazine.

The survey, commissioned by a hospitality firm shows that only 33 per cent of event planners care about the attendance of celebrity guests, whilst only 11 per cent are concerned with WiFi access.

With the booking of celebrity guests at a premium cost, event venues will be interested to know that having a famous guest won’t always ensure success.

In contrast, 98 per cent of respondents were highly influenced by the quality of food on offer, saying good food would greatly influence their choice of conference space or party venue. London and other top UK event space venues should be mindful of such research, ensuring their menu offerings are superior.

Lead researcher and head of marketing, Ted Walker, commented on his firm’s research in Event Magazine, saying: ”These results from our annual survey confirm our long held belief that there is nothing more important than the dining experience enjoyed by our guests.”

In addition to such ‘dining experience’ other factors in choosing event spaces include competitive pricing, a central location, professional staff and readily available technology.