Changing technology to shape future of events industry, claims study

Changing technology and its impact on the events industry is one of the most talked about topics among planners, according to a recent study.

The first phase of the Meeting Professionals International’s (MPI) Business Barometer report discussed technology’s role in the hospitality industry, concluding that it would grow to dominate the planning of events in the coming years.

According to, 16 per cent of planners surveyed by MPI said technology was high on their agendas for the coming months, while 11 per cent said flexibility was a pressing concern.

In other results, nine per cent said they would look into the use of virtual/hybrid technology, eight per cent planned on an examination of sustainability and six per cent saying they would concentrate on keeping their budgets flat.

In addition, six per cent said they were looking to stage smaller meetings, which might require them look for alternative venues for hire.

Jackie Mulligan, Business Barometer contributor and principal lecturer from the International Centre for Research in Events, Tourism and Hospitality, said the first phase of the report is heavily focused on technology – as well as its future role in enhancing experiences.

“In stark contrast to the people-facing meeting industry, the experts outside the industry – several involved in technology and digital media – saw a future dominated by social forces: people driving change,” she told

“With that focus, one of the key trends in this paper is technology to enhance human interaction.”