Channel 4 to air first marriage proposal advert - The Brewery

Channel 4 to air first marriage proposal advert

The world’s first TV advert proposal is set to air on Channel 4 this Valentine’s Day.

Luxury experiences website has offered one lucky Brit the opportunity to propose to their partner in front of the nation on prime-time TV.

The advert will be pre-recorded so that the proposer can get their answer from their special someone straight away. Let’s hope the proposee agrees and the pair can start making plans for their wedding reception venue. is reportedly still in the hunt for someone to star in the ad. According to, they are looking for £130,000 from whoever wants to take up the opportunity.

The company’s founder Marcel Konbil claimed it would be hard for anyone to turn down such a thoughtful and creative offer.

He told “It is all too easy to rely on cliché approaches to declare one’s love. The marriage proposal is one of the most momentous occasions of a couple’s life.

“This has got to be the most sensational way to mark the moment and make it truly memorable. Investing in a proposal through such a remarkable, never done before manner, will result in a marriage offer that will be very difficult to refuse.”