Channel 4’s ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ series begins tonight

Fans of the Channel 4 hit, ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’, will be pleased to learn that a second feature will hit our screens tonight.

The episode promises even more tears, tantrums and fretting over whether they’ll be turned away from the wedding reception venue setting.

According to The Daily Mail, the new series is in keeping with the style of last year’s documentary, which was made by Cutting Edge and first brought screen time to the young brides and their travelling families. It will shed light on the gypsy traditions, including instructions on how a young girl should behave before marriage.

“Men and women have very fixed roles,” explains Sam Norton, one of the teenage brides featured in the show. “Most gypsy wives don’t work, it’s very traditional. Married men aren’t allowed over the threshold of the kitchen, even to make a cup of tea.”

The series reveals how the girls have been dreaming of their weddings – and preparing for them – since they were young girls and attended their first holy communion. Many see the holy communion as a dry run for the ceremony they’ll undertake a few years later.

The original documentary revealed how details of the wedding reception venue are kept quiet until the day, because the party are fearful that they will be turned away from the venue in the face of discrimination against gypsies. However, there’s no mention of similar drama in the current series, according to the report published by The Daily Mail.