Charlie Sheen wants to party with London mayor

US actor Charlie Sheen has caught the attention of London mayor, Boris Johnson, by saying he wants “to hang out with him.”

Sheen has described Johnson as someone who “looks like he drops a few pints”, according to The Sun; and with all its great party venues, London could well be the ideal place for the two to meet – should the Mayor take him up the offer.

The ‘Two and a Half Men’ star has made global headlines for his erratic behaviour over the last few weeks. Some speculate it is fuelled by his love of partying.

Sheen also passed comment on UK celebrities when he mentioned Johnson, and even compared himself to soul singer Amy Winehouse – someone who is also known for her late nights.

Whilst describing his perfect night out in Britain, footballer John Terry, Sir Antony Hopkins and Pete Postlethwaite – who died this year – also were on Sheen’s list of people he’d like to share a drink with. cited Mayor Johnson’s courteous reply to the offer, which read: “I’m flattered to hear Charlie Sheen’s comments. I’ve no doubt that we would have plenty to talk about.”

“A night out with him would no doubt be intriguing and extremely memorable.”

Sheen also spoke of Russell Brand fondly. He described the comic as “a mad genius,” saying: “He’s a gift to all things galactic and extragalactic. He’s got liquid magic.”