Christmas comes early as people strive to organise themselves ahead of the season

The country may have just experienced a heat wave but at the height of summer, people are already beginning their preparations for the Christmas period.

As reported by The BBC, “Christmas has literally come early for some retailers,” with shops already decking out aisles with wrapping paper, baubles and tinsel. “Yep: Christmas in August. Apparently there is a lot of demand,” said BBC journalist Phil Lavelle.

Sophie Hedley from Selfridges told The BBC that they get plenty of visitors to their Christmas store despite opening it so early. She said: “We have the tourists who come in and they may be picking up little trinkets and decorations as well as full blown Christmas gifts. And then of course there is the home grown customer who is looking to get ahead of herself maybe, and buy Christmas gifts early.”

As reported by The Telegraph, Selfridges will open its Christmas shopping section on the 2nd of August. Last year the store sold over 1,000 baubles during the first week of trading when it opened on the 8th of August.

Selfridges’ buying manager was quoted in The London Evening Standard as saying: “I can see a time when we offer a Christmas collection throughout the year.”

The desire to be organised and spread the cost of Christmas across half the year is also being adopted by businesses who are already beginning to plan their businesses Christmas parties.

The concept of selling Christmas items at the peak of the summer is also adopted by QVC, who hold a fiercely successful Christmas in July weekend. Presenter Alison Keenan told The BBC: “Last year in one day alone we took over £1 million. There are a lot of people out there looking to shop for Christmas now. it’s actually a very, very clever idea. It gives people the chance to shop early in time for what has to be one of the busiest times of the year.”