Christmas is the best time to get married, says writer

A writer has claimed that Christmas is the best time to get married.

Author Chaunie Brusie was writing for this week. She claimed that although she had always wanted an autumn wedding, she found herself amazed at how perfect a winter wedding was when she had one herself.

Ms Brusie commented: “…instead of the freezing, dismal affair I had imagined, our Christmastime wedding turned out to be a wintry, magical time of twinkling lights, festive greens, and chocolate – lots and lots of chocolate.”

The writer said that her winter wedding was fabulous for a number of reasons. This included the fact that she was able to obtain many of her wedding materials cheaply, thanks to the post-Christmas sales. According to Brusie, this encompassed her centrepieces, decorations and bridesmaid’s gifts.

She also claimed that a hot honeymoon destination was even more special, due to the fact that it was freezing back home, commenting: “Honestly, who wants to hit up some exotic tropical locale in the middle of June?”

Other tips for a perfect wedding day were also included in an article on this week. The post suggested that bride and grooms-to-be should make sure that they hire a good photographer for their wedding day, as these photos will be cherished forever.

It was also suggested on the site that happy couples should ditch any traditions that don’t resonate with them, as this will make the day more personal and special.