Christmas parties offer chance to celebrate, claims expert

The annual Christmas party remains the highlight of the company calendar due to its relaxing and enjoyable nature.

That’s according to Dan Watkins, a human resources expert writing for HR Magazine, who believes the annual knees-up is “a chance to enjoy the rewards of a year’s hard work, courtesy of the boss”.

However, Watkins has told partygoers to urge caution when it comes to drinking. Even though the corporate Christmas party venue and alcohol come courtesy of the boss, this does not mean it is a free-for-all.

“Everyone knows a story about a friend of a friend who photocopied a body part, flirted inappropriately with his or her boss, or vomited in a wastepaper bin, leading to a rather messy clean up, literally or figuratively, for the individuals concerned and their managers the next day,” muses Watkins.

However, too many restrictions may put a dampener on the shindig, claims Watkins. He urges boss to err on the side of caution “without killing the party”, so striking the right balance between enjoying the event and going overboard needs to be found.

Most of all, bosses who throw a decent Christmas party will find their staff in an appreciative mood.

“Companies who put on an enjoyable and memorable Christmas bash will find they have appreciative and happy employees, and satisfied staff leads to a productive work environment,” pens the HR expert.

Furthermore, staff love to look their best at the Christmas party, so Mail Online has recommended that workers should begin their office party diet now in order to look their slimmest for the big day.