Christmas party antics lead to regret, claims survey

One in ten employees believe their behaviour at the Christmas parties may have hindered their career prospects within the firm, reports

While some employees tend to blame their behaviour on excessive alcohol consumption, 10 per cent of workers believe they may have genuinely harmed their chances at a career due to their actions.

Shockingly, four per cent of respondents to the survey by Monster have been fired off the back of their antics at the Christmas party, while five per cent had damaged their career prospects in some shape or form.

However, the recklessness of some UK workers should come as no shock to European readers after the workers in the UK were dubbed as “most likely to do something embarrassing in front of a colleague during the festive season”. Finnish workers came second in the poll while workers in the Netherlands were voted third.

On the other end of the spectrum, only 2 per cent of French respondents admitted to losing their job to their behaviour at the firm’s Xmas do, so it appears that the French either have quiet Christmas parties – or just tend to look the other way!

Finally, HR Magazine cites further statistics from the survey, claiming 82 per cent of respondents in Italy have never done anything regrettable at the Christmas party.