Christmas party budget set to rise this year, party planners say

New research by a corporate party planning company has found that company Christmas party budgets are set to rise.

Event company Venue Reservations found that 53 per cent of those surveyed are increasing their budgets this year, according to The survey questioned 200 party planners.

However, as well as increased popularity for event spaces around Christmas time, the party planners said 2012 had been a successful year for the industry as a whole – with 86 per cent saying more corporate events had been held this year compared to 2011.

Jackie Harding, a group director for the company told “The research we have conducted mirrors the busy year that we have had as a service to the industry, and it is great to see that Christmas party planning is going full-steam ahead with an expected increase in budgets.”

Many business use corporate events as an opportunity to engage with their client in a relaxed atmosphere and inform them of new opportunities that are coming up.

With so many events taking place in 2012, such as the Jubilee weekend and The Olympic and Paralympic Games in London, the world’s spotlight has been on Britain. This has boosted the industry further as UK companies capitalize on the opportunities they are being given.