Church of England announces wedding fee hike

The cost of a traditional Church of England marriage ceremony could soar upwards of £1,000 or more following a hike in wedding fees, reports the Mail Online.

From today, staging a wedding in a CoE venue could cost £415 for the ceremony alone. Couples planning on getting hitched in church would then have to bear in mind the cost of music, heating and decorating the venue with flowers, with could then increase the price to an eye-watering four-figure sum.

Inevitably the spike in cost could put off couples planning on getting hitched on a budget. Some might prefer to have a registry office wedding instead, so that they can spend big for the wedding reception venue later in the day. (The Brewery in London is now licenced for wedding ceremonies)

Some church ministers are appalled by the 40 per cent increase, explaining that the move couldn’t have been any worse timed for some people.

One such clergy member, Rev Canon Simon Killwick, a vicar in inner city Moss Side, Manchester, told ”Such a fee increase seems to me hard to justify in times of financial austerity and even harder to justify in poor inner-city parishes.

”The Church of England ought not to be seen to be making a big increase at this time and ought not to be making it difficult for the poor to access these services at a time when a simple ceremony can be had at a register office for around £100.”

Weddings in Church of England venues contribute around £35 million a year to the denomination; £15 million of which directly funds the clergy’s services.