Church of England approves of special prayers at gay weddings

The Church of England has paved the way for gay couples to make special prayers following their weddings, claiming we are all “loved by god”.

New pastoral guidance has been issued following discussions between the House of Bishops last Friday (February 14). This comes in anticipation of same-sex marriage becoming legal in Britain next month.

The document said it was time for the Christian community to warm to the concept of gay marriage and described the fear of homosexuals as “irrational”.

Cited by, it read: “We are all in agreement that the Christian understanding and doctrine of marriage as a lifelong union between one man and one woman remains unchanged.”

Last week the Archbishop of Canterbury said preventing blessings for gay couples was “akin to racism”.

Despite these encouraging words, the clergy did send out a reminder about its own perception of marriage. In a bid to ensure that its members set a good example for dedicated Christians to follow, they were prevented from being allowed to enter their own same-sex marriages. said the Church also refused to give out special services of blessings for gay and lesbian weddings – settling for an informal prayer at their own discretion and at the request of the couple.