Church visit sparks Lampard and Bleakley wedding rumours

Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley were last week spotted at a church in Northern Ireland, sparking rumours of an imminent engagement.

It has been speculated that the couple were visiting a church in Bleakley’s home town of Newtownards to evaluate its suitability as a venue for their wedding ceremony.

Speaking to RTE, a source close to the couple claimed that Bleakley is very keen of having a church close to her friends and family. They said: “It’s well-known that Christine has her heart set on getting hitched in the North, near her family. This church ticks all the boxes for that type of cosy ceremony.”

Although there has been no official announcement from the couple, many news sources have claimed that the couple could marry as early as next month.

If this is the case then the couple may instead choose to have their wedding reception venue in London, where they are currently living together, rather than travelling to Ireland.

A spokesman for the couple flatly denied all rumours of a wedding but the couple have been known to deceive the media in the past. The couple refused to reveal that they were dating for months despite huge amounts of media speculation after they first met.

However in a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Bleakley did reveal that Lampard is desperate for more children but said she wanted to be married for a long time before they planned for a baby.