City wedding style tips divulged

Women heading to a city wedding this summer have been encouraged to opt for a smart shift paired with a jacket.

Writing for, fashion columnist Naomi Atwood claimed this combination will “cut a dash” at any urban ceremony. She suggested wearing one garment with a pattern and restricting the other to a single colour.

Ms Atwood pointed out that there are several other issues facing women going to a wedding reception venue in the near future including how to dance the night away in high heels – her solution was to either wear wedges or invest in some “gel inners”.

The columnist remarked: “The cardinal rule of dressing for a wedding is not to upstage the bride. This in itself doesn’t count as a fashion dilemma; it’s a euphemism for ‘don’t be too tarty’ – sound advice for any occasion.”

Another guideline that is generally accepted is not to wear denim to a wedding, since it looks too casual – yet reporter Carly Cardellino was prompted to ask readers if they would consider doing so after megastar Kristen Stewart broke the ‘rule’ at a recent reception.

The ‘Twilight’ and ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ actress turned up at her friend’s wedding in New Jersey in jeans, a black tank top and a blazer. A poll on the website found more than half of readers thought it would be disrespectful to do the same.