Coldplay picked as opening act for the Olympics

The band Coldplay has allegedly been picked as the opening act for the Olympic Games in 2012, according to MTV.

It is thought that the British four-piece are to perform a song written especially for the event at the opening ceremony, with the money raised from its release donate to sports-related charities.

A source who is reportedly close to the band confirmed the news in the Daily Mirror, telling press: “Chris is at the top of the list to front the official record.”

“He’s a huge star and a British musical icon, with an international profile. We’re pulling out all the stops to get hold of him, ideally with the rest of Coldplay involved too.”

Other reports have also suggested that other British acts will take part in the ceremony too; including Damon Albarn, Muse and Joss Stone – with Danny Boyle (director of the critically-acclaimed ‘Slumdog Millionaire’) set to direct the whole ceremony.

The news may be welcomed by those hoping to host Olympics parties in function venues across Britain, as if it goes ahead as reported, the opening ceremony should prove to be spectacular. Particularly as, according to the source, Coldplay should be able to provide the “inspirational” music needed for such an event.

They went on to added: “Coldplay are the biggest stadium rockers in Britain today and their style of anthemic music would be perfect for the Olympics.”