Coleen Nolan urges calm after Christmas party shame

Agony aunt Coleen Nolan has encouraged people who have drunkenly embarrassed themselves at their office Christmas party to stay calm.

She responded to a reader letter in the Mirror by saying that the best way to react to the situation is to learn from it, so that next time Christmas party nights appear on the calendar there is more of a focus on keeping alcohol intake down.

Nolan pointed out that by January the office gossips will be talking about something else, so the key is not to overreact to the issue. She said: “There will be millions of drunken office party moments across the country this year, but things always calm down. The more you react to it in an embarrassed way, the more your workmates will play on it.”

The reader had suggested she might quit her job after dancing with – and kissing – a work colleague at the Christmas party, at which she managed to get “horrifically drunk”.

While it is vital that people do not get too caught up in their shame, it is also important to consider how shared comments and pictures of events on social networks could be interpreted, according to Terry Falcao in the Western Morning News.

He pointed out that everyone’s inhibitions tend to lower at this time of year and this often spills over on to social media, but there is a real danger that an employer could react badly to inappropriate content – something people should keep in mind when using such technology.