Columnist makes case for Christmas party flirting among singletons

Plenty of employers will be keen to avoid drama at their office Christmas parties, yet one columnist has urged singletons to go out there and enjoy a little flirtation.

Writing for, Chloe Finch explained that the vast majority of people will not be single forever, so those that are unattached should let their hair down and flirt away if they want to. 

Quite what employers would make of Ms Finch’s encouragement is anyone’s guess – office Christmas parties have a habit of creating gossip around the workplace, but their value as a social occasion is generally unquestioned. In her defence, Ms Finch’s advice was aimed at helping single people get through the holiday break with a smile on their face. 

She said: “Those in relationships need to invest a lot of time and effort into maintaining them during winter, so that they don’t crumble in the New Year. So being single means that you don’t have to worry about any impending arguments and you can invest your time into other things.”

Further advice comes from, which spoke with a dating expert from Lovoo, James Preece, who warned against over-the-top flirting and noted that pictures will be taken, so it may be worth checking more exotic dance moves at the door.

Regarding what to wear, Mr Preece suggested avoiding anything that people would not feel comfortable wearing to the office normally.