Companies choose meeting venues based on free Wi-Fi

In today’s highly competitive business world the availability of free Wi-Fi has been found to influence the decision of those looking for London meeting venues, new research has found.

According to the research carried out by worldwide online global trend-spotters In-Stat, nearly two-thirds of companies said whether or not a venue offered free Wi-Fi would directly impact their decision to hold their meeting or conference there.

The report noted that 31 per cent of those surveyed said it “may influence” their decision and only 5 per cent of participants said free internet access would have no impact no their decision about their venue.

Amy Cravens market analyst at In-Stat told Travel Daily News: “Our research shows that while revenue may not always be directly gleaned from the hotspot offering, free Wi-Fi has a significant vale in bringing customers to a venue. It is no wonder that over 150 thousand function venues have now deployed Wi-Fi hotspots, although not all of these are free.”

The results of the same research found that across the world, annual hotspot connections or sessions will top more than two billion by the end of 2010. Annual hotspot connections are anticipated to increase to more than 11 billion by 2014.