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Companies should have 25 more meetinga a year, advises expert

A company’s success can depend on how many meetings they have, according to one expert cited by

Dave Lavinsky, a meetings specialist writing in detail for, wants firms to have “25 more meetings each year” so each employees can attain their annual goals.

Companies should always have ‘one big-picture meeting’ which brings together all of the key decision-makers and department heads of a business, according to Lavinsky.

“Running this meeting is easier than you might think. Start by asking this question: How do we want our company to look a year from now? Use this question to gain consensus on your annual financial metrics and goals,” he said.

Furthermore, meeting leaders may want to book a conference space for a larger meeting on a regular basis.

For example, Lavinsky believes monthly goal meetings can be helpful, as breaking down annual goals into bitesize chunks makes them easier to achieve. In addition, leaders should also start with a 15-minute recap of the previous month, covering such subjects as monthly company results and other achievements.

“Finally, set your overall goals for the current month. Take 15 minutes to discuss what your company can realistically accomplish as a team,” he added.

Employees tend to enjoy goal setting meetings as they “have a voice” as well as a direct influence on the company’s strategy and goals, concludes Lavinsky.