Company-wide meetings are "worth every penny"

“All hands” company meetings where every single employee is present will certainly pay off, despite the huge cost outlay of undertaking them, one expert has claimed.

Writing for, business specialist Bryan Burdick explained that, for some businesses, these all hands meetings can cost anything from five to seven-figure totals, in not only organising the meeting but taking time away from the job at hand. Despite this, he still argued that such meetings were “worth every penny”.

First, Burdick said that getting everyone from a company together provides the perfect opportunity to reinforce the business ethos among them. This is especially beneficial for new starters, as they can be “indoctrinated” into a company philosophy, Burdick added.

Not only that, experienced workers can then be in a room with their newer peers, which gives them the chance to converse face-to-face.

This togetherness is also a benefit for companies which exist in numerous locations across the country or even over the world. Getting everyone together in a central location alleviates the fragmented nature and illustrates just how a business is developing.

Offering up advice for businesses giving it a thought, Burdick told “Be thoughtful about how you approach an all-hands meeting.

“Invest the time in advance to ensure that you deliver value for everyone who attends – if you try to just slap something together, you will end up communicating the wrong message. Be sincere, be focused, be passionate and for goodness sake, don’t be afraid to even be a little silly.”