Conference delegates more likely to pick four star hotels, says survey

Professionals travelling to the capital for conferences or events are more likely to choose to stay in four-star hotels close to their venue, according to recent research.

A study by HotelMap cited in Meetpie found that rather than the sumptuous luxury of a five star establishment, delegates prefer to stay no more than 473 metres from their conference venue in London. Looking at the bookings it took for the first half of 2010, HotelMap found that 75 per cent of conference or event attendees elected to stay in a four star hotel paying on average, a rate of £160 per night. When it came to three star hotels, 19 per cent of delegates chose this option, paying an average room rate of £110. A mere 6 per cent opted for five star accommodation, which can cost a whopping £241 per night. Although, according to the research, this figure has increased when compared to the last half of 2009.

The research shows that accommodation choice is heavily linked with convenience of location, as well as suggesting that post-recession, price is still playing a small role.

In addition to location and hotel quality, the study found that delegates waited till the last minute before making hotel reservations, with 36 per cent waiting until 2 weeks before the event before booking a room. Meanwhile, just under a quarter of those surveyed booked their hotel 2 to 4 weeks beforehand.