Conferences need to focus on the future

Conference organisers need to focus their efforts on providing delegates with a glimpse into the future, particularly if it’s a conference based on gaming or other technology.

That’s the advice of developer Andrew J Smith, who expressed his thoughts on what those hiring conference centres need to do to make their event as useful as possible.

A keen gamer, Mr Smith attends many gaming conferences. However often, he finds they aren’t progressing “as quickly” as the industry itself is.

“For me the real reason to go to these events (other than PR in the form of sitting on a panel or doing a talk…) is to look ahead,” he said.

“I want to know what I’ll have to be doing in a few year’s [sic] time, when both audio and FPS games have changed completely. Similarly with regards to business…I want information and educated conjecture on what we’ll all be chatting about in a year’s [sic] time.”

Despite any misgivings, the expert did say he recognised the huge value conferences have and can bring to a business. They provide a “brilliant forum for spurring talk and debate” he said, but could offer so “much more” if they tried.

However the responsibility doesn’t just lie with the organisers to make a conference great, according to

Delegates must also make a point of networking with like-minded professionals, plan their time wisely and follow up on any connections made. This will ensure they get top value out of their money, the website added.