Conferencing can boost staff morale

Small business owners across the UK can boost staff morale and ultimately gather more sales by holding conferences, according to a leading body.

The Forum of Private Business (FPB) has advised that conferencing can improve inter-employee communication and engage staff on a higher level, ultimately leading to increased sales or more clients, cites Thomsons.

This could initiate SMEs who are failing to boost staff morale to hire one of a number of conference centres in the UK and take the time to have a chat with their staff about the vision of the firm, business practices and other subjects.

The organisation also suggests that conferencing is more important for small businesses than larger ones as each individual employee is “more important” in a smaller firm. Employees in larger firms “tend to get lost in the structure of the company”, cites Taxassist.

Phil McCabe, spokesman for the FPB, explains the importance of holding regular meetings: “I think you can’t underestimate the importance of team building exercises and other events where staff and management come together. However, it is an obvious difficulty for small firms [because] they lack the space and resources to carry out those conferences.

“As always, the advice is to shop around for the best deal. There are cost-effective conference providers out there that can allow businesses to put these events on without breaking the bank,” he added.