'Confidence in product' helping event spaces through recession

It’s been claimed that confidence in product and showings of fortitude are helping event spaces weather the storm of the recession.

Sales leadership expert, author and motivational keynote speaker Lisa Earle Mcleod argued that the economic negatives have actually benefited companies in the events sector, as they’ve injected passion back into their sales teams. 

“The economic background provides the challenge to meetings professionals to prove the value of their industry,” she told attendees at the ‘No-nonsense Sales Conference’ for professionals in the event industry. According to conference-news.co.uk, Ms Mcleod went on to claim that businesses are now feeling more confident than ever about their service – which is seemingly rubbing off on customers.

A number of key industry figures attended the event, including Motorsport Industry Association founder Brian Sims, who was on hand to comment on the sales strategies used effectively by his business. However, the companies that make up the industry aren’t the only ones supporting events in Britain – associations are also chipping in.

As reported by citmagazine.com, a date of September 5 has been confirmed for the Business Visits & Events Partnership’s (BVEP) session at the House of Commons. Come September, BVEP members along with supporters of the ‘Britain for Events’ campaign will get their chance to encourage investment in the events sector in front of an audience of politicians and policy makers.    

Michael Hirst, chairman of the BVEP, commented: “We unveiled our message to policy makers and the wider business industry at Britain for Events launch last week and this is just one of the activities we have planned to carry the message to each of our target audiences.”