Corporate Christmas party could lead to romance

For some, the Christmas party is a chance to blow off some steam and have a few drinks with friends. For others, the Christmas party can actually lead to a glorious romance.

That’s according to a Christmas poll by Lovehoney, who surveyed 2,175 people regarding their antics at their corporate Christmas party do. Reported by, office managers tend to book corporate Christmas party venues for this weekend onwards, kicking off a whole month of shenanigans.

Lovehoney found that as well as mingling with colleagues, some workers often used the party as a chance to strike up a romance.

A third of office workers have had a cheeky kiss at the annual work Christmas party – with one in 20 regretting such a outburst of passion. Furthermore, a fifth of those who admitted the kiss claim their embrace led to a full-blown romance, cited

On the other hand, one in three colleagues laughed it off while one in seven never mentioned the occasion again.

Another survey by Debrett’s found over half of those surveyed will avoid Christmas party festivities completely in case they commit a social faux pas in front of their colleagues.

Finally, one in ten admit to having called in sick following the party, with those in London (22 per cent) most likely to pull such a devious tactic.