Corporate events at "a crossroads"

Corporate events throughout the UK stand at “a crossroads,” as businesses try to develop their future marketing strategies.

That’s according to expert Peter Archer, writing for Raconteur on Corporate Hospitality & Events.

Archer also added that the events and hospitality industry had begun to return to its pre-recession state, and as spending on corporate events is likely to increase, its state could improve even further.

The specialist claimed: “Major events will further boost the corporate hospitality and events industry, which, including knock-on business, contributes many billions of pounds to the national balance sheet.”

“The 2012 London Olympics, in particular, will take the capital’s already mature corporate hospitality market to a new level.”

However with increased confidence comes increased competition; meaning event organisers must ensure their shindig stands out from the rest. They should be sure to peruse the many venues for hire on offer, before making an informed decision; and be sure to enlist entertainment that will really draw in a crowd.

Archer confirmed this, claiming: “Clients invited to events are more selective and turn down lack-lustre invitations.” As such, he stated that more bespoke events were being favoured over their “off-the-shelf” counterparts.

The expert’s comments came shortly after writer Alex Aldridge bemoaned the standard corporate event in The Guardian. Aldridge said: “Over the last few years, I have attended James Bond evenings, Bollywood nights…”

“And gradually they have all merged into a blur of half-heartedly decorated office space, men in suits and rapid…consumption of free booze.”

Both of the writers’ comments will hopefully encourage businesses to take a more effective approach for future corporate events.