Corporate travel buyers to be frugal in 2012

Minimising corporate costs is the most important concern for three quarters of travel buyers in 2012, Air and Business Travel News reports.

Buyers, when quizzed by organisers of the Business Travel Show, said that they were particularly fearful over the introduction of a new emissions scheme for flyers on top of an eight per cent rise in air passenger duty.

The overwhelming majority (73 per cent) said that managing the cost of all aspects of travel booking would be the hardest part of their job in 2012. This means considering the cost of everything from a hotel to booking the right conference space.

“As we head into a year of economic uncertainty and increasing hotel, fuel and ancillary fees, such as APD, it’s no surprise that buyers are worried about keeping costs down,” comments David Chapple, event director of the Business Travel Show.

Other top issues facing the industry include maintaining good business around the Olympics, the economy and the rise in travel alternatives, added

Trying to dodge excessive costs where possible, a third of those polled said they were going to make their bookings ahead and shop around for the best deals.

Mr Chapple added: “Cost has been the overriding issue facing business travel since we entered recession, but there is good news on the horizon – the market is looking much healthier and, though buyers are being cautious, this survey also shows that one quarter of budgets are on the increase.”