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Council details "five Cs" of business meetings

Meetings are not just information exchanges – they are also “relationship-building” sessions, according to one organisation, which has detailed a number of ways business leaders could make their meetings more effective.

Writing for, the Young Entrepreneur Council suggests that establishing relationships in a business meeting could make all the difference for a firm.

As a result, the Council has revealed the “five Cs” of an effective meeting to Creating a ‘compelling’ meeting could be useful, argues the Council.

“Tell a story to help illustrate your point. Everyone responds to a story and research has shown that stories increase message retention,” advises the Council.

Furthermore, meetings should be focused and clear. ‘Clarity’ helps meetings become effective as leaders merely summarise the high points of their point of discussion instead of sharing everything they know.

‘Consistency’ means being consistent with each participant in the conference space. The Council suggests connecting with their interests including past decisions or common interests.

In addition, ‘conversation’ should be allowed to flow within a meeting, which leads to “greater buy-in”, and the ‘close’ should wrap up a meeting.

“End the meeting effectively by including a direct request. Never let an opportunity pass to ask for support – for dollars or for introductions,” add the Council.