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Council worker needs groom for 'fake wedding'

A 47-year-old council worker is on the hunt for someone to be her fake fiance.

According to, Sam Young is planning to hold a huge “wedding” party this April. She’s currently advertising on Facebook for a man to play the groom.

The ads states that Young is looking a single man aged between 40 and 50 but “no idiots or divs”.

Explaining the reasoning behind her party, Young told “I’ve been single for a long time and I’m happily single, but I thought ‘Why can’t I do this?’ My sister and I went shopping and I was looking at all these glamorous wedding and engagement rings.

“She said ‘you need a bloke first’ and I thought ‘no I don’t’ so I bought the ring. If I find a man, he can reimburse me.”

Young has reportedly received plenty of applications from single men who want to be a part of the wedding. In exchange for playing the role of ‘groom’ for the day, the lucky man will be treated to a nice meal at Young’s wedding reception venue of choice.

Sam was married 26 years ago but couldn’t afford the lavish wedding she always craved back then. She divorced in 1995.