'Countryside in the city' to become popular wedding theme

In the next few months, the countryside will be making its way to city weddings, as the director of Quintessentially Events predicts it will become a popular trend.

Writing for femalefirst.co.uk, Caroline Hurley expects brides-to-be to deck out their wedding venues with natural surfaces and textures, such as fur, pale grey marble and bare wood dining tables with Tolix and bistro chairs.

“What’s more, earthy, elemental inspired colour schemes are being predicted to dominate in 2015 with forest greens, petrol blues, caramel, ochre and violet at the bottom end of the spectrum, rising through the ranks of lilac, salmon pink, apricot, mint, sherbet yellow and even ultraviolet,” she writes.

Ms Hurley also believes couples will begin to tone their weddings down and keep things simple. Chloe Tejada, Huffington Post Canada’s style editor, agrees, stating that in 2015 brides will opt for simpler wedding dresses. She says shift frocks will be particular popular next spring, reports huffingtonpost.ca.

Orchids and other graphic flowers will become a big feature at weddings next year too, Ms Hurley states. She notes the garden theme will also be having an impact on what flower arrangements couples pick. Edible flower cakes could prove to be popular too.

Tie dye has seen a revival in recent years, so it’s possible that weddings will feature bright splashes of colour, notes Ms Hurley. However, she says that in order for this trend not to look like just a fad, there needs to be a focus on tone on tone, such as lilac slowly changing to indigo.