Couples learn from celebrities by staging surprise weddings

Couples are taking a leaf out of the books of celebrities by organising their own surprise weddings.

Secret ceremonies have long been common among popular figures who wish to keep the paparazzi clear from their special occasions.

A typical event will see the couple invite their close friends and family to a mystery event where they will announce their marriage then and there.

Talking to in an article looking into this rapidly growing trend, wedding planner Carmen Feliciano says that while celebrities are using surprise nuptials to get away from the press, regular couples are driven by other factors.

“Ambush weddings are part of a bigger trend of couples doing away with the traditional way of doing weddings,” she told the publication.   

“It’s driven by a few things: cost, need for personalization and time. People just don’t want to spend a year and a half having wedding planning in the back of their minds.”

Writing at, Ms Feliciano says a surprise wedding brings about an element of surprise and fun not found at traditional events, while this type of wedding also limits stress over the guest list.

She says that while a surprise wedding isn’t for everyone, people who feel they will not enjoy the planning side of their wedding are expected to drive this trend even further.