Couples now opting to marry later

Couples appear to be waiting later to marry and this could be influencing the type of gifts they request from their wedding guests.

New research from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) reveals that in 2011, the average man living in England and Wales chose to tie the knot at 36. The average woman became a wife at 33 – a staggering eight years after they would have done in 1971.

While it’s not known exactly why modern day couples are deciding to marry later than their 1970s counterparts, the FSCS did state that this was impacting the type of gifts that are presented to newly weds.

According to, rather than allowing their friends and family to gift them something unique, 40 per cent of the 500 Brits surveyed by the FSCS said they had asked to be given money towards the cost of something.  

Just one-fifth (21 per cent) had requested their guests to give them an actual present.

The FSCS said asking for “cash gifts” was an entirely innocent practice and simply a result of couples accumulating all the household items they need by living together for many years. writer Nina Callaway agrees with this view on the matter, stating that couples will be more grateful for money to put towards a down payment on a house than a second toaster.

However, some couples may wish to re-think their requests for cash gifts, as 26 per cent of the people who had recently attended a wedding admitted to feeling uncomfortable about having to hand over money instead of a present. On the other hand, a much higher total of 63 per cent said they were perfectly fine with being dealt this request.