Couples offered advice on wedding cakes

Couples gearing up to tie the knot have been advised on the kind of wedding cake they should go for to mark their big day.

Many couples have an idea of the wedding reception venue, colour scheme and outfits they are going for ahead of the big day, but cakes can often be overlooked, despite it being a central element and main photo opportunity.

In light of this, numerous bakers have given their ideas of what a couple should look for in their wedding cake and what they should bear in mind when looking for the right person for the job.

One such baker was Anmar Robinson who told that couples should “think creatively” when ordering their cake. The famous three-tier fruit cake may be the traditional option, but that doesn’t mean everybody should automatically go for it. Instead, the cake should be treated with the same level of consideration as everything else at the wedding, with couples picking something instead that would better represent them.

This could be done with colours that fit in with the theme of the wedding or even different-shaped ones that represent something personal, such as a favourite sport or hobby. Not only will these be more fitting but also provide a talking point for guests and make the photograph of its cutting much more fun.

Another growing trend is to forgo the traditional cake tier and instead offer a selection of cupcakes. Not only would this be visually striking but offer guests a choice of what they would like, reports.

“By arranging the cupcakes on stacked tiers, you can create an effect similar to the standard cake, yet totally unique,” an expert claimed.