Couples shun many wedding traditions

Wedding traditions are losing their appeal, according to The Daily Mail, after a survey revealed the number of people shunning moves such as asking the father’s permission and the bride changing into a going away suit, as outdated.

Only 15% of people in the Noughties asked the father’s permission, down from half of men in the 1960s. Now only 17% of fathers pay for things such as a wedding reception venue, wedding catering and other elements of the wedding. In the 1960s 44% of fathers paid.

“It’s a sign of the times that some wedding traditions are dying out, especially the bride’s father picking up the bill,” said Mitesh Lad, spokesman from online wedding directory the Wedding Inbox, the company behind the research.

He added: “Weddings are a lot more flamboyant and lavish than ever before so subsequently they cost a lot more, therefore many couples and even in-laws all have to chip in to help pay for the big day.”

Now only one in ten display a ‘Just Married’ sign on their wedding car; only half of wedding parties throw confetti; just 16% of couples go on an immediate honeymoon.

However, other traditions are growing in popularity: nearly half of couples give favours to their guests, but only 8% did in the 1960s and three times more couples get their guestbooks signed.