Couples who get engaged today should think about wedding insurance

Wedding season is fast approaching, and with Cupid’s bow out in full force today, it is expected that millions of couples could become engaged on what is commonly referred to as the ‘day of love’.

However has advised those couples who do become brides and grooms-to-be today to check the most important thing off their list before they begin planning – wedding insurance.

“We all know that weddings are expensive and there are many elements that involved costs early on,” said insurance analyst expert, Mike Powell – who added that putting a deposit down on a joint wedding and reception venue can be the most important up-front cost to protect.

“Therefore, when planning the big day, it is essential that people focus on purchasing appropriate insurance as soon as they commit money.”

However Powell did encourage couples not to go running into anything, as wedding insurance policies can vary, and he urged fiancés and fiancées to consider all the options on offer before signing.

“Everyone’s situations and plans are different, so it is essential that consumers match the features and benefits they need from their wedding insurance with those provided by the policy they choose.”

For example, Powell claimed that only 23 per cent of wedding insurance providers would refund the full costs associated with a wedding, and 20 per cent would only pay out for caterers and other suppliers; thus highlighting the importance of shopping around. echoed Powell’s advice, claiming that: “It’s because of the costs involved [that] more and more of to-be weds are now taking out a wedding insurance policy to protect their big day.”

“Ensure that you’ve insured both the little things and the big things too!”