Couples-to-be urged to buy outfits and champagne out of season

Wedding necessities like champagne and outfits should be snapped up out of season so couples-to-be can drive down the costs of their big days.

That’s according to finance expert Tahmina Mannan, who recently took to to outline the best months to bag wedding bargains.

Ms Mannan believes honeymoons are best booked in February, jewellery is cheapest in May, while December provides the best window for buying cut-price wedding dresses and champagne.

Cited by, she explains: “Many brides are busy planning summer weddings and tend to leave buying the dress until spring, meaning December is a great month to negotiate a deal on that dream dress.”

Then, with the wedding reception venue and guestlist all in place, the couple can begin to sort out their food and drink for the after-party. Bottles of bubbly often find their way into the shopping list and Ms Mannan believes there’s a trick to buying this too.

While people might think the price of champagne hikes during Christmas and New Year as demand reaches a peak, she claims this period often sees winemakers competing to sell even more bottles – which causes them to reduce their prices.

She said: “This means that supermarkets and stores are able to offer consumers reduced prices on their favourite celebratory tipple.”