Crossrail 2 to boost London’s transport capacity

A proposed new railway project in London could improve the city’s transport system significantly, it has been claimed.

According to Mayor Boris Johnson, the Crossrail 2 network, which would add tracks linking Wimbledon in the south of the city to Tottenham in the north, could potentially increase London’s rail capacity by 12 per cent.

It is hoped the changes will benefit people who already live and work in the capital, as well as those who travel there for events and meetings. According to, London is expecting to welcome a further 1.5 million residents in the next two decades.

Mr Johnson’s claims come after promoting group London First released a report suggesting that the £12 billion cost of the project should be split into three parts. Its proposal would see Transport for London (TfL) and passengers meet one third of the cost; Network Rail paying another third; and businesses and residents around the affected areas paying the rest.

According to Francis Salway, the chair of London First, investment in the scheme is vital. He was quoted by as saying: “Failure to invest would make life intolerable for Londoners, hamper London’s economic growth and hit government tax receipts.”

Adding to this, Mr Johnson said that he was confident that funding could be arranged for the project.