Cuddle parties becoming a growing trend

Cuddle parties are becoming an increasingly popular event across Britain, where groups of people lie together and hug each other.

The craze has already taken off in America, and if it reaches the same heights here, could see interested parties renting renting out event spaces in a bid to hold official meetings.

According to one relationship coach, Reid Milhalko, the events can really help improve¬†a person’s emotional wellbeing, and even their health.

“A good hug speaks directly to your body and soul; making you feel loved and special,” he told The Independent. “It overwrites any unworthiness or ‘negative voices’ in your head, telling you that you cannot be loved.”

“It’s a great anxiety remedy; held in the arms of another, any tension just drains away.”

The parties – which are purely platonic – were recently brought to the attention of socialite Peaches Geldof, who visited one for new television show, ‘OMG!’.

“The experience was slightly off-putting, as I didn’t know them at all, but at the same time, very tame and surprisingly sweet,” Geldof admitted. “It was more a group of people hanging out and snuggling a bit.”

“There are rules such as asking someone if it’s alright to cuddle them, and if they accept then to go for it,” she told Digital Spy.

One journalist who also said she’d tried it, Anastasia Stephens, seemed to echo Geldof’s opinion; commenting: “Strange as cuddle parties sound, I’d recommend them.”