Custom wedding dresses rising in popularity

An increasing number of brides-to-be are making their wedding day even more special by custom designing their own wedding dress, reports

The growing trend is also giving women more ‘bang for their buck’ as a custom wedding dress can be much cheaper than their off-the-hanger brethren.

For example, bride-to-be Amber Kluiber is using her mother’s dress for her wedding but in its current state, it is outdated for her taste. Consequently, she plans to update the dress to give it a modern feel, all while keeping the original fabric, beading and lace.

Custom designing a wedding dress could also be a great option for brides looking to co-ordinate their dress with their wedding reception venue decor with regards to colour or style, for instance.

Overall, Kluiber’s dress will cost less than $500 (£330).

“I’ve always been amazing how my mum’s kept it together as long as she had, and so it’s the one day I kind of get to mimic my mother. I get to share my special day with her in that way,” said Kluiber.

Bonita Sanders, a specialist in custom dresses, believes more women are taking to the idea of custom dresses.

“When people realised that they could have whatever they wanted, for the day of their dreams, they can help design and create their dress, it meant so much more to them than just going to a cookie cutter store where they could buy the same dress that the girl down the street could buy,” she said.