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Cycling in London growing in popularity, claims study

New figures from Transport for London suggest that cyclists represent a ‘staggering’ 64 per cent of peak hour traffic on at least one road in the capital.

Reported by, new data highlights that one in four road users in the morning rush hour is a cyclist, with the proportion rising even higher on more popular routes.

For instance, Theobalds Road in Holborn is officially London’s most bike-trafficked street with bikes making up 64 per cent of vehicles in the morning. In addition Kennington Park Road and Old Street, Shoreditch make up for 57 per cent and 49 per cent respectively.

Overall, bikes now account for 24 per cent of all road traffic across central London during the morning rush hour and 16 per cent across the whole day.

It is clear bikes are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport – for example, workers could be using bikes to reach meetings venues to meet clients or avoid the Tube during rush hour – but some experts believe more investment is needed.

Andrew Gilligan, London Mayor Boris Johnson’s cycling commissioner, commented on the study to “These incredible, near-Dutch results show how enormous cycling already is in London and how urgent the task of catering for it has become.

“These extraordinary figures disprove any claim that cycling is marginal and that investing in it is indulgent,” he added.